Website for Ursula Schorn, M.A.

Dance Therapy based on Gestalt Therapy and Anna Halprin’s Life/Art Process

As a Dance and Gestalt Therapist, and as an artist as well, I find myself between territories which seem to reach out in order to connect and open up their gateways to each other. There is the territory of therapeutic processes, which opens up to the healing potential innate in the arts. And there is the territory of creative arts, which opens up to the healing potential in our  ability to reflect, connect and integrate our life experiences.
This approach to dance therapy places the body at the center of a wide-ranging creative learning process. Starting point is the development of body/mind awareness. Inner awareness will be expressed in movement as well as in drawings of inner images. A cyclical process from inner to outer awareness, impression to expression leads to deeper understanding, insight and integration. Life experience and creative processes guide us into the Life/Art process.