Ursula Schorn, M.A.


Professional Education

  • Master of Arts in Dance Therapy and Dance Education (Lesley College, USA)
  • Dance and Gestalt Therapist (Fritz Perls Institute, Germany)
  • Halprin Practitioner (Tamalpa Institute, USA)
  • Certificate for Psychotherapy (HP)
  • Teacher for Movement Education (Schule Schwarzerden, Germany)
  • Teacher for Music and Elemental Dance Education (Orff Institute, Salzburg)
  • Instructor at Orff Institute and at conservatory New England Conservatory (NEC), (Boston, USA)

Professional Experience

  • Head of Art Department at University of Applied Sciences/Social Work (Berlin)
  • Co-teaching with Anna Halprin at Esalen Institute (California)
  • Instructor at Orff Institute (Salzburg, Austria)
  • Instructor at New England Conservatory (Boston)
  • Instructor at University of California Santa Cruz
  • Therapeutic work in private practice  (Berlin)
  • Conducting training groups in Berlin and internationally
  • Further education in Trauma-centered Imaginative Therapy/Luise Reddemann
  • Further education in Dance Therapy and Oncology“


  • “Anna Halprin. Dance - Process - Form. G. Wittmann/U. Schorn/R. Land. London/Philadelphia 2015.
  • “The healing encounter of dance, Gestalt and art based on Anna Halprin's Life/Art Process.” British Gestalt Journal 2015. Volume 24 No. 2, p. 14-20. Read PDF or buy a printed copy.

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